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Fight story : Shi Jianqiao

Fight story's are timeless and many of today's biggest movies and novels are depicted from fight story's. Today's fight story is that of a badass woman from China.

Shi Jianqiao was the daughter of a Chinese officer - Shi Congbin. Sun Chuanfang, an opposing military leader in China wound up killing her father over warlord conflict in the country in the early 1900's.

Much like in the movie John Wick, Shi Jianqiao vowed she would take revenge. She spent 10 years hunting and tracking down Sun on November 13th 1935. When she finally found the man who killed her father. She shot him 3 times after hiding behind a wall to get near him.

She didn't flee. She stayed right there until police arrived and she explained exactly why she did it. After a long and extensive trial. She was pardoned by finial piety considered righteous under Daoism.

So if you're ever a warlord and invading neighboring territory. Be wary of killing someone's father. Follow Fight.TV's blog for more fight story's!


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