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Fight.TV Fight Night September 4th

Paez VS Saguilan is the main event of the night for Fight.TV Fight Night September 4th. Saguilan is 30-4-1 with 11 of his wins via knockout. Former WBC Latino Super Featherweight Champion and current WBC Silver Lightweight Champion. Paez is 40-9-2 (1 no contest) with 24 of his wins via knockout. Paez is the current WBC Youth Intercontinental Welterweight Champion.

We can expect the main event to be full of heavy hits, counter punches, and maybe even a knockout! There truly isn't boxing like that of Mexico, which produces the most champion boxers in the world next to it's northern neighbor. If you ever ask anyone what fighting in Mexico is like, they'll tell you - it's absolute hell trying to survive against one of their prime fighters.

Kareli Lopez is also on the fight card, her record is 9-7-3, with 2 of her 9 wins coming from knockout. She's a crowd favorite and hasn't had a pro fight since 2016, so hopefully she's coming to bring some serious action for everybody watching!

Gabriel "El Tanque" Garcia will be fighting againt tonight after his Fight.TV Fight Night June 6th unanimous victory over Jesus Francisco Soto. We can only imagine he will bring the same energy as last time.

Due to Covid restrictions the fight may only be televised and not have in house seating. We regret to inform our audience of this and hope the Mexican officials will allow us to sell seated tickets to the fight.

Stay safe and hope to see you either at or watching the fights with us !


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