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FIGHT.TV isnt Surprised.

Sean Strickland may have shocked the world tonight in winning the middleweight UFC championship by defeating Isreal Adesanya in a majority decision, but it didnt surprise FIGHT.TV founder and President Eric J Herrholz. Eric was rooting for Strickland and told me several times last week and still yesterday he called me up and told me "Strickland will win just watch". As I watched the fight I couldnt help but to be thinking about what Eric had been telling me all week. As I watched in shock how easy Strickland walked him down, knocked him down and controlled the pace of the entire fight winning a majority decision. Now I knew Strickland was tuff but I was still surprised to see him walk down and outstrike the champion Kickboxer and know UFC champion. Strickland took it to the champ and beat him up. Funny but FIGHT.TV was one of the only sites that thought he could win. Congrats to the new Champ!


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