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Fighters And Their Hobbies Outside Of Combat Sports

We know fighters love to fight, it's obvious when someone chooses a profession surrounding getting punched in the face. What about fighters outside of combat sports though? Surely these brutes of the most violent athleticism enjoy things outside of bashing skulls?

Turns out, fighters are just like you and me. They're diverse and all are interested in a broad range of hobbies. Chad Mendes, a UFC veteran featherweight is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. Ronda Rousey plays World of Warcraft, and even streams it online. Ben Askren plays disc golf and actually placed second in the United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship. Josh Barnett plays the card game, Magic The Gathering. Luke Rockhold is a skater / surfer. Nick and Nate Diaz smoke pot on a stoner subculture level.

You'd be surprised to know that probably any fighter you can think of besides Floyd Mayweather who lives in the gym. They all have hobbies and things they like to do outside of combat sports. Chances are there's a professional fighter out there who shares the same hobby as you. Imagine going kayaking or geode collecting and running into Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson is in love with pigeons. He raises them, races them, attends annual pigeon pageants. If you don't like pigeons, probably just best for you to avoid Mike Tyson. It's actually legal to hunt pigeons in America though, so just like you might share hobbies with a fighter. You also might have a hobby that collides with another fighters hobby. Pigeon hunters beware of Mike Tyson.


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