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Fighters Who Let Nothing Stand In Their Way

Jose Aldo grew up so poor that he couldn't even afford a gi. Luckily a local BJJ coach saw his potential and lended him a gi and let him train for free. Eventually Jose Aldo became so proficient that he was traveling around and training, while literally living in the gym he was training at and working as a brick layer. He lived with his fighter friends and eventually his dream paid off, becoming a world class fighter and making millions in the process.

Francis Ngannou didn't have the easiest life growing up in Cameroon. He was working in a sand mine by the time he was only 12 years old. At 26 years old Francis moved to Paris and trained in combat sports, the rest is history.

Court Mcgee was an addict who even got as low as overdosing. The man died, and got brought back to life. Many probably at one point walked by him and wrote him off as some dude who will never be more than an addict. Mcgee relapsed through years of trying to overcome his addictions but would eventually go on to win a season of The Ultimate Fighter and then becoe a world class fighter.

Daniel Courmier's father was murdered when Daniel was only 7 years old. At 23 he lost his baby daughter in a car accident and gave up on his entry into Olympic wrestling which he had been training for. He eventually made it into the Olympics in 2004 where he came in 4th, then went on to captain the 2008 U.S olympic team but couldn't compete due to kidney failure from cutting weight. He went into MMA and we know the rest!

Whose a fighter you really like with a story of overcoming adversity?


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