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Finally WBC puts pressure on Fury.

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

World Boxing Council (WBC) has know informed the Tyson Fury team that he must defend his (WBC) world heavyweight championship with a ranked fighter after he fights Francis Ngannou in october 28th in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia. This prooves he is not that big of a draw. WBC has undergone alot of critizism due to their franchise champions that supposedly are treated differently. Canelo is the clear example of that, he fights and defends with who he wants and when he wants period. Thats Canelo ofcourse, if Fury sold anywhere close to Canelo Álvarez he would surely get same treatment. I believe Fury to be the best heavyweight boxer in the world but I dont like he tactics to getting fights or his unfair negociations. He trully acts like he doesnt want to fight an Usyk, Joshua or even Ruiz. I believe Ruiz is an easy fight for him but it seems he wants the biggest piece of the pie. I agree with Joshua and Ruiz getting 30% but with Usyk which is the most dangerous of them all wants to give him only 30% when he is a champ in 3 major organizations (WBO,WBA,IBF) and Fury only to one (WBC). I believe its unfair even if Usyk isnt a bigger draw than him. Usyk accepted in past negociations but they didnt go through because of the rematch clause Fury didnt want. Fury has lost alot of credibility due to his additude of saying one thing and doing the opposite. We will see shortly were the Fury circus stops but for know the WBC has given him special permission to take his circus to Saudi Arabia with the condition he has to defend his WBC title after the Ngannou fight.


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