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Floyd Mayweather Under Fire from Haney for Sparring Tape Leak

Devin Haney has decided to take off the gloves, figuratively speaking, when it comes to his former mentor, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather

Their relationship was once a close one, with Mayweather offering guidance to Haney and even sharing private jet rides and mansion visits. However, things soured when negotiations between Haney and Ryan Garcia began last December.

Mayweather stepped in and steered Garcia away from Haney, convincing him to pursue a fight with Rolando Romero, a Mayweather Promotions fighter. Garcia agreed, leaving Haney in the lurch. However, after Romero opted to fight Isaac Cruz instead, Garcia circled back to Haney, and a deal was quickly struck for a fight on April 20 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

The drama escalated when Garcia released sparring footage showing a 16-year-old Haney getting schooled by Gervonta Davis, with Mayweather acting as the referee. This move seemed to be a jab at Haney, but he didn't stay on the ropes for long.

Haney took to social media to deliver a knockout blow to Mayweather, calling him a "bonafide hater" who doesn't want to see others succeed unless he's involved. Haney also accused Mayweather of orchestrating the release of the sparring footage and coaching Garcia on what to say at press conferences.


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