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Former Champ Jose Ramirez Victory Reignites Title Contention

Jose Ramirez showcased his resilience and skill in a thrilling welterweight main event against Rances Barthelemy at Save Mart Arena in Fresno, California. Despite facing occasional danger, Ramirez emerged victorious with a comprehensive decision win, potentially putting himself back into world title contention.

Jose Ramirez

The fight began with Ramirez (29-1, 18 KOs) displaying his trademark pressure, targeting Barthelemy's body and switching his attacks upstairs. However, Barthelemy remained composed, waiting for opportunities to counter. In the third round, Barthelemy landed a left hand that appeared to stun Ramirez, leading to a sequence that saw Ramirez stumble to the canvas. Referee Jack Reiss intervened, ruling that Ramirez had been pushed down.

Despite the setback, Ramirez showed his resilience, coming back aggressively in the following rounds. He continued to pressure Barthelemy, who struggled to find his rhythm and mount effective counterattacks. Ramirez's control of the later rounds was evident, with Barthelemy appearing weary from the constant assault.

In the end, Ramirez's dominance was reflected in the judges' scores of 119-109 (twice) and 118-110. While Ramirez acknowledged that it wasn't his best performance, citing distractions and rustiness from his infrequent fights in recent years, he expressed satisfaction with his victory.

Looking ahead, Ramirez's win may pave the way for a return to world title contention, showcasing his determination and skill in the competitive welterweight division.


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