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Former interim UFC lightweight champion Justin Gathage

While Gitje himself has not been in action for almost a year. And in his last fight in UFC 254, he entered the octagon and tried unsuccessfully to become the first man to defeat the great Khabib Nurmagomedov. Now Gitzey wants to be back in the title picture next month

After losing his last fight, the 32-year-old will face former title challenger Chandler. He will be hoping to set the tone for his teammates Kamaro Usman and Roz Namajouns, who will defend their respective titles at the main and co-hosts.

This match is going to be very important when both Gitze and Chandler are knockout artists who rely on their demonic power to win the battle. Needless to say, both are expert strikers with strong wrestling backgrounds. But Michael Chandler seems to be a more complete fighter than Justin Gathage. Let's take a closer look at this match.

If we talk about Gethsemane, over the years, Gethsemane relied heavily on his brilliant abilities, which left him very inexperienced on the ground, as in the case of former lightweight champion Connor McGregor.

Michael Chandler, on the other hand, is a man who, despite his demonic knockout power, often uses his wrestling pedigree to dominate his opponent.

The question is, who do you think will be the best fighter between Michael Chandler and Justin Gatwick?


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