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Former UFC champion to make his boxing debut

Mark Coleman, a UFC Hall of Famer, will face former light heavyweight boxing champion Montell Gryphon in a boxing bout in October.

The 58-year-old has only ever competed in wrestling and mixed martial arts, and he hasn't fought in well over a decade. Coleman last competed at UFC 109 in 2010, where Randy Couture, another UFC star, submitted him.

According to a rumors, "The Hammer" will make his boxing debut against Gryphon at Official Celebrity Boxing on October 14. This may be prompted by recent efforts he's made to become clean and better his health.

Coleman, a pioneer of MMA and former heavyweight champion of the UFC, earned the moniker "The Godfather of Ground & Pound" for his ability to batter opponents after forcing them to the mat.

Coleman competed in wrestling at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona before making his MMA debut at UFC 10. He won over Dan Severn at UFC 12, becoming the organization's first heavyweight champion.

After losing his Pride debut in 1999, "The Hammer" went on a three-fight losing streak in the UFC before going on a six-fight winning streak in Japan that includes winning Pride's heavyweight Grand Prix.


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