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Former World Champion Boxer Joseph ‘JoJo’ Diaz Arrested on Misdemeanor Child Neglect Charges

Joseph “JoJo” Diaz, a former world champion boxer, made headlines for all the wrong reasons when he was arrested in the Los Angeles area on Monday.

Diaz was taken into custody by the Claremont Police Department on a charge of misdemeanor child neglect just before 7 PM.

While the exact details of the allegations against Diaz have not been made clear, it is deeply concerning and upsetting to hear about any sort of neglect or abuse involving a child. It is important to remember that these are just allegations at this point, and Diaz is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The news of Diaz’s arrest has come as a shock to many in the boxing community, especially given his successful career as a fighter. The 30-year-old boasts an impressive 32-3-1 pro record and famously won the IBF super featherweight title back in 2020.

Diaz’s most recent fight was against Devin Haney in 2021, which he unfortunately lost. Prior to that, he was in talks for a match with Ryan Garcia, but those negotiations ultimately fell through.

It remains to be seen how this arrest and the subsequent charges will impact Diaz’s boxing career moving forward. The sport of boxing has had its fair share of scandals and controversies over the years, and this latest development is a reminder that athletes are not immune to legal troubles outside of the ring.

We can only hope that the allegations against Diaz are fully investigated and that justice is served, whatever that may entail. In the meantime, it is important for everyone to remember that the welfare and safety of children should always be a top priority, both in and out of the sports world.


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