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Francis Ngannou hoping to strike a two-fight deal with Deontay Wilder

Francis Ngannou, a former heavyweight champion of the UFC, is still motivated to pursue his goal of competing in a boxing battle against a top-tier fighter.

Deontay Wilder, a former WBC world champion, is the opponent Ngannou wishes to fight.

The 36-year-old Ngannou previously acknowledged in a recent interview that he has been in contact with Wilder's team regarding a possible fight.

According to Ngannou, there are discussions about holding this contest in Africa, possibly with a second fight.

"We are looking into [Deontay Wilder] because he's available. He's ready for that. He's very excited about [a fight with me]. He wants it. So, we are looking into that. That's something I'm very excited about. We even discussed a potential one fight in Africa and one fight somewhere else. Why not even the two fights in Africa?," Ngannou told TMZ.

Ngannou was regarded as one of the most lethal punchers in UFC history, but he freely acknowledges that it is harder than it seems to land a big punch on an experienced boxer.

"I can knock everybody out. I have to be clear about something. To hit that person you have to get a clear shot which is more about technique and experience I don't have. So, I'm very aware of that aspect," Ngannou says.

"It's not like 'hit me, I hit you, and then we see who goes down.' It's a combat sport. Everybody trying not to get hit. I'm thinking more about the technique or the boxing side of it. The beauty of it. Then at the end, if you get an opportunity to connect then good. If not, I'm still expecting to win that fight in the decision so that's how I'm preparing myself."

Wilder, regarded by many observers as the biggest one-punch hitter in the sport, was in action last fall when he brutally knocked out Robert Helenius in the first round.


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