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Francis Ngannou Reveals the Reason for his loss to Anthony Joshua

Francis Ngannou offered a candid explanation for his second-round knockout loss to Anthony Joshua, citing unusual fatigue on the day of the fight. The Cameroonian MMA star shared a video on Instagram, acknowledging that he felt off but refused to diminish Joshua's victory.

Francis Ngannou

"In the lead-up to that fight, it just wasn't my day," Ngannou admitted. "I'm not saying the result would have changed, but things just weren't clicking. I felt off all day. Even in the locker room, trying to warm up, I was falling asleep despite sweating. I needed some time to reflect."

Ngannou praised Joshua and his team for their preparation and execution. Despite the loss, Ngannou remains determined, looking ahead to potential MMA and boxing opportunities after taking time off to recover and regroup.

While Ngannou is expected to return to MMA, with PFL eyeing a potential bout before the year ends, he hasn't ruled out a boxing comeback.

"I'm not finished yet. Time was the only thing missing. I'll take a break, then return to training for a new challenge."

Before facing Joshua, Ngannou had earned high praise for his performance against Tyson Fury last October. Despite dropping Fury, Ngannou narrowly lost by decision. However, Joshua's dominance over Ngannou in contrast to Fury's struggle highlighted Joshua's skill and strength in the ring.


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