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Francis Ngannou's Unfiltered Response to Joshua Fight Criticism

Francis Ngannou is at peace with his recent loss to Anthony Joshua in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, asserting that he has no regrets about his performance. Despite being knocked out in the second round, Ngannou remains confident in his preparation and decision-making leading up to the fight.

Francis Ngannou

Reflecting on the bout, Ngannou emphasized that he had his best training camp and was in peak condition. He expressed satisfaction with his training and approach, stating,

"Even if we had to start this again, I really don’t see a thing that I should have done different."

Regarding the criticism he faced, particularly regarding his decision to switch to a southpaw stance in the first round, Ngannou remained steadfast in his belief that he made the right choices. He explained that his defense in thFrancis Ngannou's Unfiltered Response to Joshua Fight Criticisme southpaw stance was sharper than in orthodox, and he had successfully practiced against right backhand hits in sparring.

Despite the loss, Ngannou believes that his performance against Tyson Fury in 2023, where he nearly pulled off a major upset, was indicative of his capabilities. He dismissed suggestions that his success in that fight was due to Fury's oversight rather than his own skill.

Ngannou also addressed the changing perspectives following his defeat, including suggestions that he could lose to Joshua in an MMA fight. However, he remains undeterred, stating,

"I’m going to continue to pursue my passions and remain unconcerned with the opinion of others."

In conclusion, Ngannou expressed acceptance of the outcome and a commitment to move forward, stating, "I don’t mind that much what people say, because they will always have something to say." He remains focused on his goals and confident in his abilities, ready to face whatever challenges come his way.


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