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Francis Ngannou to ONE championship? Some think so!

Where Francis Ngannou will wind up after leaving the UFC in search of better opportunities will continue to be one of the biggest topics in the first half of 2023.

In recent interviews, Ngannou has stated repeatedly that his objective is to box first — the most likely opponent at the time being Deontay Wilder — and then return to the cage. Professional Fighters League and One Championship are the two most likely landing destinations.

Now there's a chance he'll be available on Amazon Prime in Singapore. Boxing coach John Hutchinson works with One champion Anatoly Malykhin at Tiger Muay Thai (12-0) and he has invited Ngannou to come to ONE.

“When that little soft bum Arjan comes out of hiding,” Hutchinson wrote. “We promise it will be over very fast in a powerful blink of a eye. Making room faster than ever for the real fight to happen. @Francisngannou you should of stayed where your at when you had the chance. Your about to face the biggest challenge @anmalykhin ... Contract pending let’s see who’s the undisputed king is …”

The savage knockout artist is favoured to unify the Heavyweight title against Arjan Bhullar this summer, and Hutchinson believes he'll meet "The Predator" after that.

Despite concerns that Ngannou made a catastrophic mistake by quitting the UFC, it appears like he is on the verge of setting up many high-profile matches. Perhaps his fight purse demands weren't so outlandish after all!


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