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Frank Warren not sure if all the 4 belts would be on the line when Fury faces Usyk

According to sources, both Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk want to unify the titles in March. For that battle, the WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO heavyweight championships will all be on the line. There are a few more obstacles to clear before this fight becomes a reality; the location and country in which it will take place are the most contentious right now. However, promoter Frank Warren remains optimistic about a possible announcement shortly, knowing that both combatants want this Super Bout to happen. Whoever wins gets everything.

Whatever the outcome of this fight, discussing a prospective rematch is where the details become a little hazy. For starters, Frank Warren is skeptical that all titles would be on the line since every governing body in boxing enjoys making decisions that contradict the others. If they so desire, one of those belts may be ordered to be defended on the spot, and the boxer who puts it on the line could lose it. However, all four belts are on the line for this bout. This doesn't happen very often in the history of boxing.

Here's what Frank Warren said during an interview with talkSport: "I'm not sure [about the rematch]. I mean we haven't got into that, but I probably think there would be [a rematch clause] because, God forbid, one of them gets a cut eye or anything goes wrong - anything can happen in boxing as we know -then there would be. The four belts are on the line, and the winner gets them. If there is a rematch, I don't think then the four belts will be on the line for it cause I don't think the governing bodies will allow it. I think they'll just say 'right, you've got to get on with your mandatories now.'"

As long as they can agree on a location for their superfight, Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk can concentrate solely on winning this first fight. Any rematch conversation can wait a little longer; they need to get started on this one right away. Both boxers' fans have been hoping for this arrangement to happen for a long time. We're all curious to see if Oleksandr Usyk can take on the one fighter in the Heavyweight class that everyone believes is unbeatable.


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