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From Hero to Villain? Ronda Rousey Blames Media for Negative Portrayal

Ronda Rousey, the name that once sent shivers down spines and ignited cheers across the globe, now finds herself lamenting her portrayal in the media. The former MMA queen, whose dominance transcended the sport itself, feels ostracized by the very community she once captivated.

Ronda Rousey

In a recent podcast appearance, Rousey unloaded on the MMA media, blaming them for her current negative reputation.  She pointed to a narrative built on harsh criticisms – "fraud," "hype," and a string of underhanded accusations – following her defeats to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes.  This portrayal, she claims, overshadows her accomplishments and paints an unfair picture of her character.

Rousey's departure from the UFC coincided with a period of self-discovery.  Her forays into the WWE offered a new platform, but according to her, it failed to change the media's tune.  Feeling unwelcome at UFC events, she fears a potential hostile reception from fans.

Her recently published memoir, "Our Fight," aims to shed light on her motivations.  Beyond the glitz and glamor, Rousey reveals a career marred by concussions, primarily sustained during her judo days.  The fear of jeopardizing her standing in both the UFC and WWE, she claims, forced her to keep this history hidden.

The book doesn't shy away from controversy either.  Rousey reportedly criticizes former WWE CEO Vince McMahon, whose leadership style is said to have contributed to his recent resignation.

Reports also suggest that audience reactions during her WWE runs left a mark.  

Despite championship victories, Rousey reportedly struggled with negativity, taking fan reception to heart.

Ronda Rousey's story is a cautionary tale of the fleeting nature of fame and the complexities of managing public image.  While her fighting spirit remains etched in history, her experience highlights the harsh realities that can follow a fall from grace, especially when amplified by the unforgiving lens of the media.


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