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From Social Media Star to Boxing Sensation: The Tristan Hamm Story

Tristan Hamm, popularly known as Mr. Adventure on social media, is making waves in the boxing world after a successful debut and is now aiming for bigger challenges. With over two million Instagram followers, Hamm stepped into the boxing ring for the first time in January on the Misfits card, where he secured a quick knockout victory.

Tristan Hamm

Despite only having six months of boxing experience, Hamm expressed his interest in influencer boxing, a trend that has gained popularity in recent years.

"I'm a diehard boxing fan, so I think every true man has that dream of being Rocky Balboa," Hamm shared.

"I've been lurking in the scene, seeing how everything will develop."

Through his social media presence, Hamm has received numerous offers from various influencer boxing promotions worldwide. However, he was selective, aiming for long-term sense in his choices. Hamm highlighted Misfits as a serious promotion, likening it to a mix of WWE and UFC but for boxing and real fights.

Following his win over Not Logan Paul, Hamm began campaigning for a match against former NFL running back Le'Veon Bell. His persistence paid off, as the two are set to face off at Misfits 15 on May 25.

While acknowledging Bell's superior boxing experience, Hamm expressed confidence in his skills, attributing some of it to training under BJ Flores, Jake Paul's former trainer. Hamm is aiming for another knockout win over Bell to make a statement in the Misfits tournament.

Looking ahead, Hamm is focused on winning the cruiserweight title in Misfits. He hopes to face big names like Logan Paul, KSI, or Dillon Danis in the future, aiming for the toughest competition and the biggest challenges. Hamm's determination and confidence are sure to make him a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world.


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