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Gable Stevenson Odds VS UFC Fighters

We're not entirely sure of the data Bovada used to produce these results but, we're here for it none the less! Gable Stevenson has been making waves since his Olympic wrestling gold wins for the U.S, now people are talking about him fighting in the UFC. How would he actually do though?

They ran odds on him against 6 fighters - Francis Ngannou, Brock Lesnar, Stipe Miocic, Jon Jones, Ciryl Gane, and Derrick Lewis. Their results show that Gable would be the underdog in all fights except that of Derrick Lewis. The scores show as -

Francis Ngannou: -400 Gable Steveson: +300

Ciryl Gane: -300 Gable Steveson: +235

Jon Jones: -325 Gable Steveson: +250

Stipe Miocic: -300 Gable Steveson: +235

Gable Steveson: -115 Derrick Lewis: -105

Brock Lesnar: -145 Gable Steveson: +120

I feel like they did Derrick Lewis kind of dirty here but you know Gable is somewhat of a monster so we'll let it slide. What say you fight fans? Do you agree with this results? Gable recently tweeted a wave to Dana White. Who do you think Gable should fight first?


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