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Gable Steveson's WWE Departure: A Crossroads for the Olympic Gold Medalist

Gable Steveson's WWE Departure
Gable Steveson

The wrestling world was abuzz as news broke of Gable Steveson's departure from WWE, marking a significant turn in the young athlete's career trajectory. Steveson, renowned for his 2020 Olympic gold medal in freestyle wrestling, had ventured into professional wrestling with WWE but now faces a crossroads as he contemplates his future, including the possibility of a transition to MMA.

Steveson's journey from Olympic glory to the scripted rings of WWE captured attention and imagination. His viral finish at the Tokyo Olympics, securing the gold medal with a last-second score, catapulted him into the global spotlight as a force to be reckoned with in the world of combat sports.

At just 21 years old, Steveson had already achieved considerable success, including an NCAA championship at the University of Minnesota before his Olympic triumph. His decision to explore professional wrestling over MMA initially surprised many, given his stellar wrestling credentials and training with UFC legend Brock Lesnar.

While at WWE, Steveson made sporadic appearances on television but never fully immersed himself as a regular performer. His release from the promotion has reignited discussions about his potential move to MMA, a topic he had openly discussed even during his time with WWE.

"I would love to fight," Steveson had expressed in 2021. "I go out there to entertain people and for me, myself, to do something I love. I mean I love fighting and I love WWE. I love both."

With his release, Steveson now has the freedom to explore new avenues. Speculation looms over whether he will pivot towards MMA, especially after recent training sessions at Kill Cliff MMA in Florida, where he assisted Bellator champion Jason Jackson with wrestling preparation.

Steveson's athleticism, skill set, and potential for crossover appeal make him a captivating prospect for MMA enthusiasts. The question of whether he will make the leap into the cage adds an intriguing layer to his already illustrious career.

As fans and pundits await Steveson's next move, one thing remains clear: the Olympic gold medalist stands at a pivotal juncture, with both the wrestling and MMA worlds eager to see where his journey leads next.


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