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Gabriel Garcia Would Wreck Jake Paul

Gabriel Garcia is from Baja California, Mexico. He's a 41 year old boxer with a professional record of (13-3-2.) Boxing is this man's life, Gabriel debuted in 2012 and actually lost his first few fights up until 2015, that was his last loss - 13 fights ago. Most of those 13 fights have been won via unanimous decision. El Tanque is a monster.

Jake Paul cherrypicks his opponents and calls himself the face of combat sports. Listen bud, you can't bypass climbing ranks and go straight to promoting prize fights with basketball players and MMA fighters teetering on retirement then call yourself that. It's obvious you're using YouTube money to put in those grueling hours in the gym, it's obvious you can fight, but if you really want the respect of the fight community - challenge yourself and put real fighters on the map to call yourself the face of combat sports.

Gabriel lives, eats, and breaths boxing. The dude didn't give up through a 3 year loss streak on pro entry and then went on to win 13 fights straight since. With 2 of his last 3 being win by knockout. This dude has 230 followers on instagram and hasn't chased social media. He's chased throwing hands and if you were to know the guys real life story, which we'll be covering soon - you'd be amazed.

FIGHT.TV streams pro boxing in Mexico. The country that produces the 2nd most champion boxers in the world and has a fight culture like no other. One that cherry picking Jake Paul would get stomped in. Follow us to watch Gabriel Garcia take on his next opponent September 18th!


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