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gaethje claims 'He Will Quit' if Conor McGregor gets a shot at the belt

UFC fighter Justin Gaethje has voiced his displeasure with the idea of Conor McGregor getting a title shot off a win against Michael Chandler. In an interview with ESPN's Brett Okamoto, Gaethje stated that he would "probably" quit if McGregor were to jump ahead of him in the rankings for a title shot.

Gaethje, who is currently ranked #3 in the UFC lightweight division, has been angling for another shot for the division gold strap. Recently, Justin Gaethje had a fantastic performance at UFC 286. In the co-main event, "The Highlight" faced off against emerging fighter Rafael Fiziev. During the action-packed back-and-forth battle, Gaethje ultimately raised his hand to win. Gaethje won the fight with scores of 29–28, 29–28, and 28–28 from the three judges.

In an interview with ESPN, Gaethje discussed the Irish superstar and indicated if the UFC offered Conor a title match, he could consider leaving the organization.

"Would I quit if Conor won and they gave him a title shot? Probably. That's how hurt I would be by the actions of the company that I represent. But that's out of my control, so you know, I just really hope that it doesn't happen. We can imagine a lot of things but there's a possibility that that's the scenario, which I would be devastated, for sure,"

Gaethje's comments come in the wake of rumors that McGregor could be in line for a title shot if he can defeat Chandler in his upcoming fight after the end of TUF 31. McGregor has been inactive in the octagon for over a year after snapping his leg in a trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier but remains one of the biggest draws in the UFC due to his star power and previous accomplishments.

While Gaethje's threat to retire may seem extreme, it highlights the frustration that many fighters feel about the UFC's matchmaking and how certain fighters are given preferential treatment over others. Gaethje has consistently been one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC, with his aggressive style and knockout power winning over fans and fellow fighters alike.

It remains to be seen whether McGregor will indeed get a title shot if he defeats Chandler, or if Gaethje will follow through on his threat to retire. Regardless, the controversy surrounding the UFC's matchmaking and the treatment of its fighters is likely to continue, as fans and fighters alike demand more transparency and fairness from the organization.

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