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Gervonta Davis already thinking about retirement from Boxing

The first step in Davis' retirement strategy is Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia. Davis plans to retire from boxing after establishing his legacy in fights against Garcia, Shakur Stevenson, and Devin Haney.

Due to the politics of booking fights between various promotions and broadcast rights holders, Davis vs. Garcia had long eluded fans. Davis and Garcia deserve enormous credit for leading the fight and overcoming difficult obstacles in the hopes of meeting early in 2023. "Tank" respects Garcia's commitment to the fight and sees their clash as a springboard to booking more fights between the sport's top lightweights.

"He definitely wants the smoke," Davis told CBS Sports and "Morning Kombat" host Luke Thomas. "I think it's good for the sport. I think it's definitely good for the sport because both of us are in our prime. He's hungry. For sure, I'm hungry. There ain't no other young fighters fighting each other right now. I feel like this is the start.

"I think this is the start of the top 135 fighters fighting each other. This is the spark to it. Deals can be done."

Davis, 28, sees the Garcia fight as the first of three stops on his way to retirement. Davis intends to cement his legacy against Stevenson and Haney before moving on to a position where he can help the next generation of boxers reach their full potential

"I think it's opened up doors. I ain't going to lie. I ain't really trying to be in this too much longer. So that's the answer right there for you," Davis said. "Once I get them guys out of there, I'm gone.

"I want to help people who are coming behind me. I feel that is more important. The future... It's something that is instilled in me. It's loyalty that people are missing out here. I feel if you're in a position to help somebody, help them. For the right reasons."


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