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Gervonta Davis believes Ryan Garcia is ‘juicing for sure’

Gervonta Davis has spoken his opinion over Ryan Garcia's plan to skip a fight between now and their scheduled meeting on April 15.

The two are scheduled to fight in Las Vegas in 2023, putting a long-desired bout between boxing fans to rest. Despite the positive news that terms have been agreed upon, challenges still remain.

On January 7 in Washington, Davis takes on Hector Luis Garcia, and until recently, it was believed that "KingRy" would have a fight of a comparable level around the month's conclusion to help him prepare for the biggest challenge of his career.

Davis doesn't agree with Garcia's claim that he didn't want a fight in the interim. He admitted to BroBible that he thought his potential rival was using performance-enhancing drugs or drinking excessively.

Davis said: “I think a couple reasons. It could be him juicing, and you know when you juice they be having on cycles and off cycles."

He added: “He looks bigger than he’s been over the years. Or maybe because he’s been drinking, too. I know he’s been drinking a lot. Either that, or he juicing for sure.”

Tank made the charges following a string of tweets in which he demanded that the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency join the campaign for testing. Garcia replied that there had never been a problem with employing VADA.


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