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Gervonta Davis on IG: 'I'm not a monster'

According to information released by the Broward County Sheriff's Office, American boxer Gervonta Davis was arrested and jailed for several hours on Tuesday afternoon following a domestic disturbance in which he allegedly punched a woman in the head.

According to the report, the woman does not live with Davis and was injured on the inside of her upper lip on the right side of her mouth.

Davis was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence after the events occurred at 2:50 p.m. ET Tuesday in Parkland, Florida. He was released on $1,000 bail on Wednesday afternoon.

Some media outlets released the call the plaintiff made to 911, in which she is heard saying, "Please help me; I need help, please. I'm trying to get home, I have a baby in the car and he attacked me.... He's going to kill me."

Gervonta Davis, according to authorities, was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the alleged incident. This came just days before his Jan. 7 fight in Washington, D.C., against Hector Luis Garcia, and will serve as a warm-up for his big fight against Ryan Garcia on April 25 in Las Vegas.

Gervonta defended himself against the accusations and gave his version of events on Instagram, with an image of a screen and a scene from the movie Frozen, which he was watching with his daughter.

"I never put my hands on the mother or my daughter. I'm not a monster, I've been quiet too long. I don't have a media team, public relations, a good lawyer... that's the only reason I'm doing this now! Just to clear my name," he wrote.

"They're doing this for money and also to destroy me. I'm not a monster, I have two beautiful daughters who have to grow up someday and see this shit! They even publish a snippet of the call to the police that my daughter's mother made! They don't care if it's true or a lie...she did it or not...they just want to put it out there because it's beneficial for their business!" he claimed.


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