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Gilbert Burns' 5-round for BMF title demand has been declined by Jorge Masvidal

Burns and Masvidal will therefore face off in a huge welterweight co-main event at UFC 287 on April 8 after struggling to reach a deal for a long-awaited fight between the fan favorites' welterweights. Burns will engage in his second bout of the year after beating Neil Magny at UFC 283, and Masvidal will make his long-awaited comeback to end a three-fight losing streak.

Both guys have been exchanging barbs on social networking sites and in media for months as the fight has been building. They have a schedule now, but Burns is not interested in a routine three-round fight. He believes Masvidal should have to defend the "BMF" championship he defeated Nate Diaz for at UFC 244 in November 2019 throughout the whole 25 minutes and five rounds.

Burns presented Dana White, the president of the UFC, with the proposal and a photo of the silver BMF belt.

If Gilbert Burns desires a five-round matchup against Jorge Masvidal for the BMF championship at UFC 287, the response is no. "Gamebred" is fine with a three-round co-main event except if the UFC would like to rework the contract Masvidal recently inked.

“[If] they pay me BMF money, which the UFC ain’t going to up it up for more money, so sorry Gilbert,” Masvidal said Monday on The MMA Hour. “I already got my contract. I already signed my s***. I could give a f*** less.”

Masvidal stated that he was hindered by several concerns, such as his pending criminal proceeding with Colby Covington, multiple health issues, and a lack of preparation time. Masvidal is attempting to fill in any holes in his wrestling that have been highlighted by prior rivals now that he is in an advantageous state. He promises to turn things around and start winning again to take Leon Edwards' gold.


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