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Gilbert Burns: “I want so slap Brock Lesnar in the Face”

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar has not set foot in the Octagon in almost seven years.

'The Beast Incarnate' has enjoyed a lucrative part-time run in WWE for more than a decade now. While rumors have often circulated of a potential MMA return, Lesnar has seemingly committed to professional wrestling for the most part in recent years.

Interestingly, the two main promotions Lesnar has made his fortune are now in the process of merging. UFC parent company Endeavor has purchased 51% of the WWE's stock, making them the majority shareholders.

In turn, it has been reported that the WWE and the UFC will form a $21.4 billion sports and entertainment conglomerate. Several people are speculating about potential crossover interactions between UFC fighters and WWE entertainers as a result of the announcement.

If Lesnar decides to return to the UFC, he may want to wait until after UFC 287 is over.

Gilbert Burns discussed the WWE-UFC merger during the UFC 287 media day.

He also expressed his disdain for Brock Lesnar, citing 'The Beast's' pushing of Daniel Cormier at UFC 226 as one of the reasons.

“I think UFC can learn so much from the WWE and vice versa," Burns said. "And it’s a good opportunity to slap Brock Lesnar in the face too, right? It’s a good opportunity.
I’ve never met him, he’s lucky I’ve never met him. But ... I want to slap him because he cannot push ‘DC’ like that when he came all the way there in the Octagon. I want to slap him in the face.”


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