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Glover Teixeira requests an immediate rematch with Jiri Prochazka following UFC 275 title loss

Glover Teixeira demanded a rematch immediately after losing a winning fight in the UFC 275 main event at the hands of Jiri Prochazka.

Teixeira was on the road to victory last weekend against Jiří Procházka in the UFC 275 headliner. But he lost 28 seconds in the fight to relinquish his title.

Teixeira went to Singapore's Calling, Singapore's indoor stadium as UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. However, he did not go out with the gold.

The honor went to Prochazka, who in the last round got a bare square from behind to force the tap. He is now the 205-pound King of the UFC.

Scorecards show that Teixeira was just seconds away from retaining the lightweight heavyweight title because if he had survived the final round of the fight, Brazil would have won.

Prochazka and Teixeira competed in a very interesting, back-and-forth battle with rapid changes. Two of the three judges promoted Taxira on scorecards entering the final round. In Round 5, Taxira won with 28 seconds left. After the fight, Teixeira, 42, told commentator Daniel Cormier that he had not yet worked.

The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion also addressed his fans back home in Brazil. He said he was not going to consider what he could have done differently in the last moments of the fight.

Prochazka appears to be facing a blowout or taxis to defend his first title. Meanwhile, UFC President Dana White has not confirmed who the new champion Prochazka will get approval for the shot.

If he was to win at UFC 275, Teixeira promised Blachowicz that he would take the next shot at the belt after their clash in UFC 267. But now that the shoe is on the other foot, he feels that the immediate rematch between himself and Procházka is a fight. To make them after the fierce battle.

Would you like to see Glover Teixeira and Jiří Procházka drive it?


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