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Grandson Of Muhammad Ali Wins Boxing Debut Via TKO

Muhammad Ali's Grandson is named Nico Ali Walsh, son of Rasheda Ali Walsh. The man just lived up to his family legacy by getting a 90 second knockout in his boxing debut! The world watches in awe as we get to see the rise of another boxing GOAT.

His debut fight ended in stoppage as his opponent seemed unable to defend the fury of punches after being knocked down. Ref called the fight before the first 2 minute mark. Nico definitely has the power and speed possessed by his grandpa!

Nico wore shorts in that fight that were gifted to him by his grandpa himself. When asked he said "It seems like a lot of pressure, but to me, he's just my grandfather. To the crowd he is the greatest fighter who ever lived and maybe the greatest person. To me, he's the greatest grandfather!"


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