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Graphic images: Yadong Song and Gregory Rodrigues receive horrific injuries during UFC Vegas 60

Yadong Song and Gregory Rodrigues carried gruesome mementos from their fights at UFC Vegas 60 on Saturday outside the Octagon.

With solid punches that connected and takedown defense, Song was dominating Cory Sandhagen at the time. After jarring the "Sandman" with a left hand at the start of the second round, the "Kung Fu Kid" had one of the fight's more memorable moments. Sandhagen recovered, though, and struck back with a step-in elbow that tore open a wound above Song's left forehead. Song was instantly covered in crimson as blood began to gush forth.

When the cutman got back to his corner and started working on Song, we saw just how awful the cut was. Warning: there is a spoiler ahead. While allowing him to continue, the doctor instructed Herb Dean, the fight's referee, to keep a close eye on it. As you would have imagined, the wound became worse and opened even further. The doctor reexamined Song prior to the fifth and final round and found he was unable to continue, which declared the bout over.

Sandhagen was disappointed that he could not offer Song another round, but given the seriousness and location of the cut, it was probably for the best.

Unexpectedly, Song wasn't the only competitor to suffer a split face tonight. In the opening round of his bout with Chidi Njokuani, Rodrigues took a knee, but the damage it caused was too great to overlook. In addition to being unsteady, "Robocop" suffered one of the worst wounds in UFC history between his eyes.

Before Rodrigues entered the second round, the cutman once more did his damnedest to close the wound and stop the bleeding. Fortunately, the Brazilian dodged a doctor's stoppage, rushed to knock 'Bang Bang' down, and then used ground-and-pound to end him.

Backstage, Rodrigues would need stitches, and now you can view the before and after photos of his wound according to UFC president Dana White (H/T Shaun Al-Shatti of MMA Fighting). You have been forewarned in advance: they are harsh.


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