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Mentor Of The Week - Spartacus

Spartacus was a Roman soldier who deserted his legion, was later captured and sold into slavery. While readying to fight as a gladiator, he proved himself a strategist. Bringing together about 70 other slavery induced gladiators, he planned a massive escape. Escape they did. Spartacus and his 70 gladiators would escape, fight, lose some men and then gain more as they pushed from city to city. Victory to victory, Spartacus proved himself a hard knocks general. They would take out entire legions, fighting for their freedom. This was the Third Seville war, started by Spartacus. He was going from Roman city to city, freeing slaves and enlisting them. Their goal to end slavery and the atrocities allowed by the Roman government. He kept going until his followers we're in the hundreds of thousands and he commanded a handful of tough legions. Spartacus wave of retribution against the Roman government was ended when general Marcus Crassus and his 8 legions battled Spartacus in 71BC. Although his body was never found and he may have escaped, the rebellion ended that day. The 6,000 some odd remaining Spartacus followers were crucified beside roman streets as warning to any who may fight for their freedom again. Spartacus can teach us a lot. As a warrior, as a freedom fighter. Don't give up and accept your fate that society has cast on you. Fight back. Never surrender. Even if you know you're on the losing side, fight for what you know to be true. Spartacus was never documented again after that battle, whether he died or escaped. What he did though, is still heavily researched. Spartacus was a big mentor and influencer for Voltaire, a French philosopher associated with starting the French Revolution. Toussaint Louverture, who led the Haitian slave revolt and was dubbed "The Black Spartacus." If you identify with fighting for the ones who society discards, you can find a mentor in Spartacus.


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