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Former WBO Cruiserweight World Champion Johnny Nelson made news by saying he would of beaten 2 división unified champion Oleksandr Usyk in his day (1990-2005) if they would of fought . Nelson also said that Usyk isnt on the same level as other great southpaws like Pernel Whitaker, Naseem Hamed and Manny Pacquiao. I believe Nelson wants the attention. The former World Champ Nelson (45-12-2) fought in a weak era in the cruiserweight división lets be honest and comparing Usyk with southpaw greats that were lightweights is not fair either. I respect anyone thats stepped in the ring but this guy is just hating on a man thats done great things. You cant say a fighter like Usyk is not great when hes won gold at the olimpics and was undisputed champion in the cruiserweight división and now is unified world champion in heavyweight división. Usyk is just amazing! I think Nelson misses the attention, but he must accept we get old and have to move aside for the new generatión . Stop the hate Nelson! Usyk is the man!!


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