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Former world heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano at 5'10" and with the smallest reach of any heavyweight champ in history, he wouldnt even make todays cruiserweight weight limit, but despite his size, reach and weight disadvantages and even starting boxing at a late age of 23 he was still able to build one of the most legendary boxing careers in history.

He is arguably boxings toughest and best conditioned heavyweight. He fought all comers and retired on top at the age of 31 and as heavyweight champion of the world with a record of 49-0-0 with 43kos. The fighters of yesterday were warriors that loved to fight and did it with passion, the fighters of today are business men and clowns that dont want to take chances fighting dangerous fights without cashing out or asking for ridiculous conditions. Sorry Tyson Fury , you should learn something from these greats.


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