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Before the year ends we will see some great heavyweight action between top contenders. Ofcourse we have the much anticipated A.J v.s Usyk 2 fight but there is also other heavyweight fights on the horizon. We got Ortiz V.S Ruiz and Joyce V.S Parker and the rumor is Tyson Fury wants the A.J V.S Usyk 2 winner before the year ends. So imagine all those fights before the year ends. So imagine all that heavyweight división action and between top contenders. The winners of the Ortiz V.S Ruiz and Joyce V.S Parker can easily go into title contention. Both Ortiz and Ruiz are two ex-champs that have proven themselves time and time again. Joyce V.S Parker is another intresting fight between two top contenders, Parker being the ex WBO Champion and coming off a win over Chisora and Joyce dismantled WBA Champ Daniel Dubouis. They also deserve a shot at the title. It would be intresting to see the A.J v.s Usyk winner fight Fury and also watch the winners of Ortiz v.s Ruiz and Joyce v.s Parker square off before year ends. Ofcourse that depends on the promotors reaching an agreement and giving us fight fans a treet.


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