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Henry Cejudo didn’t have his own bed until age 17: ‘I felt so lonely that night’

By the way, in UFC and MMA, we see some heroes coming and going every day. But there are also a few stars out of thousands of fighters who leave their mark behind. And who are always remembered. Today we are also going to tell about a comet which not only gave a name to its lost life but also set an example for the whole world. We are talking about the most successful player in the history of MMA. Who won a gold medal in the 55kg (1 121.2) division at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. He was also the simultaneous champion of UFC Flyweight and Bennettweight Division. You know him as The Messenger, Triple C, King of Cringe Tippler C is the youngest of two siblings. His father's names are George Sejudo and Rico. George, an immigrant from Mexico. George's violent behavior, substance abuse, arrest, deportation, and eventual death left Rico in charge of raising seven children. Sejudo shared half his life in bed with his family. He was 17 when he slept alone in bed during a residency program at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado. The American fighter made his UFC debut in 2014 against Dustin Kimura at the UFC in Fox: dos Santos vs. On Miocic. He started his UFC career with a win over his opponent. Then, after two consecutive losses to Demetrius Johnson and Joseph Benavides, Olympian's MMA career was in decline. However, the glory he has gained since then is spectacular. Henry Sejudo competes against Demetrius Johnson for the UFC Flyweight title. Triple C defeated the long-ruling champion in a five-round battle to become the new champion. He also defended the title against TJ Dillashaw and saved the entire flyweight division from being cut off from the UFC roster. After knocking out TJ Dillashaw in 35 seconds, Cejudo will move on to Bennett to fight for the vacant title. Sejudo competed against Marilyn Morris, and in a fierce battle at UFC 238, she defeated Morris to become the two-division champion. His last fight was against Dominic Cruz, where he again defended the UFC Buntweight Championship and clinched the title on May 24, 2020, after his retirement. After much controversy over Sejudo's retirement, Fighter and his manager have announced that Sejudo will return to the UFC for a fight against Alexander Volkanowski. Do you want to see these great fighters again?


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