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Historical Superfights

What if, and hear me out on this one. What if we could have historical superfights? With the speed technology is moving, it won't be too long before we can clone people like Bruce Lee, Miyamoto Musashi, Alexander The Great, and so on.

What if in the future we clone ancient fighters from history to battle it out? Am I the only one who thinks we should use technology for this? I'm sure it's well worth the costs just imagine the fight cards and PPV sales.

Bruce Lee versus John L Sullivan, we would get to watch Americas first bareknuckle boxing heavyweight champion fight Hong Kong's own Bruce Lee. It would be like watching the master of ancient chinese martial arts face off against the master of American bare knuckle boxing.

Or we could watch Miyamoto Musashi VS Alexander The Great. Jiujitsu VS Wrestling. This would definitely be a fight worth watching. Spartacus VS Leonidas. The matchups are endless. Remember the show deadliest warrior? We could make that a reality.

Okay so maybe cloning people to fight for sport isn't ethical. Maybe it's not financially smart. You can't say it wouldn't be cool though. Who would you pick for your biggest historical superfight?


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