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Holly Holm Rejects Kayla Harrison-Ronda Rousey Comparisons

Ahead of her highly anticipated bout at UFC 300, veteran fighter Holly Holm has dismissed comparisons between her upcoming opponent, Kayla Harrison, and former UFC champion Ronda Rousey. Holm, who is looking to bounce back with a victory at the event, is set to face Harrison in a bantamweight clash.

Holly Holm

Holm, a former champion in the 135-pound division, famously defeated Ronda Rousey with a stunning head kick knockout to claim the title. With both Harrison and Rousey hailing from judo backgrounds, comparisons between the two have been rife among fans and pundits. However, Holm is quick to point out the differences between them, emphasizing their contrasting sizes, styles, and stances.

"A lot of people are putting those comparisons together, but they’re also different sizes, different styles, different stances," Holm explained. "Everything is different. Some similarities yes, but for the most part it’s different. Their striking, what they go for is different."

Despite her confidence in facing opponents with a judo background, Holm remains focused on the unique challenge that Harrison presents. Looking ahead to UFC 300, she is determined to deliver an impressive performance for the fans, aiming to make the milestone event one to remember.


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