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Updated: Aug 27, 2022

WBC world heavyweight champion is unretired now jajajaj. I somehow knew it was an act, he is not going to pass up all those big money fights when he is the best. I do think he is the man in the heavyweight división. He says hes back for the money and if Mayweather made 400 million he wants 500 million to fight Usyk. I like the way he fights but dont like the way he conducts himself, I believe its an act. One day he says he would fight for free and now he wants 500 million. Now lets see things how they are, Fury v.s Usyk will not be a bigger draw than Mayweather v.s Paquiao. Maybe those mental health issue are coming back, which I also believe is an act. Its a good excuse to screw up and get in problems and blaim mental health issues. Maybe him and his family members attacking passengers in a taxi in europe days after the Dillian White fight was due to mental health. Hes just a big bully. Poor baby he has mental health issues so its ok. Ex world champ Deontay Wilder was right, if it would of been anyone else they would of been treated like someone with a drug and alcohol problem. We all know he lived a crazy lifestyle after he won the world heavyweight championships and how he was stripped from his titles and retired for a while. Now many people with drug and alcohol problems think of suicide, so hes not the only one, do we now call that mental health issues? To me its an act to get people to feel sorry for him insted of judging him for his screw ups. The man knows how to sell and make you feel sorry for him. I agree with what Eddie Hearn said that if he is a mental health issues advocate how does he make fun of A.J for having an emotional meltdown, that tells you what kind of man he is. I believe he is the drama queen of boxing and knows how to sell but still isnt on Mayweathers or Paquiao's level to be asking for 500 millón dollars. He is a total class act. I respect people that do have mental health issues and I feel for them, I personally know whats its like to live with people with different needs. I have two children in the Autism spectrum and things are not always easy like many parents with kids on the spectrum know, but I dont go out and beat people up and blame it on my personal frustrations or on mental health issues. I really hope Fury gets the 500 million dollars he wants so he can get his baby brother Tommy Fury under special care to treat his shrunkin testicle syndrom and some psycologist would be good to help him get passed him ducking Jake Paul.


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