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Im writing this article not only because James Toney is my favorite boxer since I was a boy but because he posessed qualities rarely seen today. Many hear the term shoulder roll and people think of Floyd but to be honest Floyd wasnt even in his daddy's nuts when the crafty old school fighters would use the shoulder roll. Mainly in the 40's, 50's, 60's but to me James was the best at it. He would roll punches and counter staying in the pocket without running. Also his attitude was stone cold , you would'nt see him nervous and he took on anybody wanting to fight him. He won world titles in 5 weight divisións from middleweight to heavyweight and fought the best in his day. Nunn, McCallum, Jones, Barkley, Jirov, Lebedev, Holyfield, Peter, Rahman, Ruiz just to name a few on his very impresive resume. He also talked trash with the best of them. I miss fighters that put on a show for the crowd and can back it up. He was also never knocked out or stopped in a fight. They just dont make them like James anymore.


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