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Igor Vovchanchyn an early mma legend.

During Pride FC's golden era you would see Wanderlei Silva, Big Nog , Fedor, Hendo and Cro Cop but not many remember a short Ukraininan heavyweight terrorizing the división knocking most opponents out. He first started in boxing but quickly went to kickboxing going 61-2-0 as a pro. In mma he competed from 1997- 2000's. Begining his carreer with a 37 fight winning streak, he has second longest winning streak with Fedor having the first place. He also has second place for the most KO's in mma second to Travis Fulton. In his career he won championships in 9 organizations having 12 championship titles in total. Some were even bare knuckle, Back in the early Vale Tudo days those mma fights were bare knuckle where in some of those tournaments he would fight up to 4 fights in one night. Thats the way it was in the early days of mma. It wasnt for the faint in heart. He had alot of famous showdowns like when he fought Mark Kerr, Paul Varlens, Gary Goodridge, Sakuraba, Gilbert Yvel, Rampage Jackson, Alistar Overeem, CroCop and the list goes on and on. Igor Vovchanchyn was a pioneer in mma and a true legend. He know lives in the Ukraine and still has a friendship with Fedor. Now if you didnt know who Igor was your not that big of an mma fan.


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