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Ike Ibeabuchi, a dangerous heavyweight that could of made it to the top.

Ike "The President" Ibeabuchi was a Nigerian ex profesional boxer who competed from 1994 to 1999 in the heavyweight division in one of its good era's. He defeated the previously undefeated highly ranked contender David Tua in 1997 and another highly ranked contender and ex olimpian and future world champion Chris Bryd in 1999. He was ranked as the world's No.8 heavyweight in 1997 and 1998, and as No.10 heavyweight in 1999. After compiling an impressive record of 20–0 with 15 knockouts, Ibeabuchi's natural talent and potential inside the ring was eventually ruined by his emotional instability and violent tendencies in his personal life. After a series of run-ins with law enforcement, he was imprisoned in Las Vegas in July 1999, for charges on sexual misconduct. This also put an end of his professional boxing career. Those that got to see him fight in the ring may wonder how far he would have gone, would he have been able to compete with the likes of Lewis, Tyson, Holyfield, Klitschko's or anybody in that era? Most boxing fans say yes, and I agree with them because I got to see him fight many times and beating a Tua and a Byrd was no easy task. He had the goods but his temper got the better of him. He is now free from jail, he was released a on november 2015 serving a 16 year prison sentance. There were rumors he was going to make a comeback right when he got out of jail but it never happend.


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