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Ilia Topuria's Coach Stuns Fans with Advice for Volkanovski Rematch!

Following Ilia Topuria's stunning knockout victory over Alexander Volkanovski, claiming the UFC featherweight title, questions have arisen regarding Volkanovski's immediate future in the division. Volkanovski, who has now suffered two consecutive knockout losses, faces uncertainty about his next steps, while Topuria emerges as a rising star in the sport.

Ilia Topuria'

Jorge Climent, Topuria's coach, recently shared his thoughts on Volkanovski's rematch prospects, suggesting that while Volkanovski deserves a rematch for his contributions to the sport and his willingness to take a short-notice fight, it might be wise for him to take a step back from the title picture.

"I do believe that Volkanovski deserves a rematch for everything he’s done in this sport, plus the short-notice fight he took," Climent told MMA Junkie in Spanish.
"However, if I were his team or his friend, I’d tell him, ‘Look, relax. Go get another fight to get back on your feet, go feel good again, win, and then we go after him.’ That would be the smartest thing he could do. And again, if I were his friend, that’s what I’d recommend him."

Climent emphasized the importance of Volkanovski taking some time to recover and rebuild his confidence before pursuing a rematch with Topuria.

"Of course, Volkanovski deserves it, but I would find it unfair," Climent explained. "He’s coming off two defeats, and I don’t see him recovered enough to go for the immediate rematch. That’s why, if I were his friend, I’d tell him, ‘Take it easy, go do another fight, get your confidence back up, and we’ll do it again.’"


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