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Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Mexican cruiserweight Hector Coronado (11-5-0) is really motivated to kill Joe Diesel Rigg's hopes for a good return to the ring on december 2nd in Colima México in a Ríos Boxing Promotions in association with FIGHT.TV event. All 11 of his wins are by knockout so there is some power and has nothing to lose which makes him more dangerous. He has fought 3 times for regional titles coming up short in all 3 of them but sees this as his last shot. They will be fighting for the WBL International super cruiserweight championship. He is hungry for recognition and says he will be no stepping stone for Riggs. Coronado wants that title so he can get bigger fights and bigger purses, its all or nothing for him. It will be an exciting fight because both can bang and are at that part of their carreers that they still want to prove they can still go for big things. Dont miss it! Only on


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