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In my opinion the 3 greatest american boxers.

Many talk about Mayweather and his greatness but because they dont know about these 3. Maybe they know about Ali but I dout many know about Robinson and Louis. Louis to me is the greatest heavyweight, I can back it up on paper with being the only heavyweight in history to defend his world title 25 times and having the record for most title defenses in the heavyweight division. "Sugar" Ray Robinson is arguably the best fighter ever, just see his fights , he was something else. In my opinión Ali was great not only because he was a great boxer, but to me he was great for standing for what he believed in, even if it ment losing it all. When he refused to go to Vietnam he lost millions due to his suspensión from boxing. Losing what many believe were his prime years. After that he was still great but god knows the great fight he would of given us if it wasnt for his suspensión. Of those three greats my favorite is the sugar man "Sugar"Ray Robinson because his talent was unique till this day.

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