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Influencer Bryce Hall Challenges Sean Strickland to Spar After Sneako Demolition!

The anticipated showdown between Sean Strickland and Bryce Hall appears to be heating up, with the influencer-turned-fighter challenging the former UFC champion to a sparring session. This comes after Strickland faced criticism for his recent sparring session with popular Rumble streamer Sneako, where he continued to punch after the towel was thrown in.

Sean Strickland

Bryce Hall has been vocal in his criticism of Strickland, repeatedly slamming him on social media. He called out Strickland for arranging the sparring session through his manager and not directly. Despite this, Strickland agreed to the offer but made it clear that the sparring session would be on his terms, with no time limit or tap out.

Hall, who holds a 1-0 record in the BKFC ring, sees the sparring session as an opportunity to prove himself against a seasoned fighter. He expressed frustration at Strickland's focus on influencers rather than professional fighters calling him out.

If Strickland decides not to spar with Hall, Jake Paul has offered an alternative. The YouTube star turned boxer offered Strickland $1,000,000 to fight him, but the UFC is unlikely to allow the match. However, Strickland has shown interest in sparring with Paul in Las Vegas.

The potential matchup between Strickland and Hall, or even Strickland and Paul, promises to be a spectacle, drawing attention from both the MMA and influencer communities.


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