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Inside Mayweather and Haney's Raw Instagram Exchange

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Bill Haney, who have had unresolved issues, seemed to make progress in their relationship during a recent 10-minute video chat on Instagram. Despite some lingering tension, the conversation appeared to ease the strain between the two.


Haney, the father, manager, and trainer of WBC super-lightweight champion Devin Haney, initiated the conversation by addressing Mayweather as "P.B.," a reference to their long-standing relationship. However, he started with hostility, referring to Mayweather with a derogatory term.

The conversation took place following Devin Haney's recent loss to Ryan Garcia. Haney trained at Mayweather's gym for years before pursuing his own path. Since then, Bill Haney has criticized Mayweather for not supporting the underserved in Las Vegas and claimed that his son had achieved more at 25 than Mayweather had.

During the chat, Mayweather offered his help to Devin Haney, stating that he would always be there for him. While the conversation ended on a lighter note, with Mayweather suggesting a private chat, there were tense moments. Haney expressed his displeasure with Mayweather seemingly refuting claims that Devin had outperformed him in sparring.

Despite the tense exchange, Mayweather stayed on the call, trying to understand Haney's perspective. Haney, on the other hand, urged Mayweather to do more for the streets and criticized him for not acknowledging Haney's efforts to look out for Mayweather's children.

The conversation ended with Mayweather offering support to Devin Haney and asking for a follow-up call, which Haney jokingly declined. Overall, the chat appeared to be a step toward resolving their differences.


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