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Invicta FC 46 results: Karina Rodriguez retains flyweight title in close split decision

The Invicta Fighting Championships returned to Kansas City's Memorial Hall on Wednesday night with an exciting and action-packed fight show. This included a rematch of the Flyweight Championship between Karina Rodriguez and Daiana Torquato.

First of all let me tell you that in a rematch of a short notice at Invicta FC 46, Rodriguez (10-4) met Daiana Torquato, the same fighter who became the Invicta champion at Invicta on AXS TV in May 2021. Was defeated. Ketlen Souza was originally Rodriguez's rival, but dropped out for unknown reasons. Torquato (10-5) was outscored by her teammate Milana Dudieva to get another crack in claiming Invicta Gold.

As we have seen, Karina Rodríguez and Daiana Torquato already knew each other, so their rematch was quite a showcase.

Torquato and Rodríguez start the round before the trade strikes. The two fighters were looking very excited and angry. But both fighters soon found victory on foot, but Torquato, using her professionalism to the fullest, managed to take the fight to the mat in the last moments of the first round. Which distributed to the judges who got 10 points on the scorecard.

Torquato tried to win more in the second round and this time with more than a minute left she successfully took the fight to the mat. However, Torquato could not do much on the ground as the champion performed well to prevent any major offense.

Rodriguez, on the other hand, was second to none and managed to keep himself up to the third round and hitting good strikes from time to time. Because Torquato was unable to win the clinch game, but she managed to make good kicks.

The fourth round was a bit of a chore for Rodriguez, until Torquato went for a takedown that was initially replaced after more than a minute. However, Torquato managed to strike before he could get back on her feet and go to her toilet for the final break of the fight.

The fifth round was the most action-packed round of the competition. Because the competition was going 2-2 in the fifth round. The two women started in the clinch, firing from some knees before parting. Torquato fired again, forcing Rodríguez against the cage, where she was still on her knees. Rodríguez broke and elbowed Torquato. Torquato stayed on Rodríguez but could not keep it down for long. Towards the last minute, Rodríguez accelerated and wanted to fight Torquato. Although she was not ready for the fight, the champion kept the fight going and the pair chose to strike until the fight was over.

The two judges who saw the fight for Rodriguez were Kevin Champion, who converted him into a wide score of 48-47 and Greg DiVilbiss 49-46. The dissenting judge who scored the fight for Torquato was Judge David Sutherland, who fought 48-47 for the Challenger.

Although it came down to a split decision, Rodriguez won her first title defense as her second straight win against Torquato.

The full results of Invicta FC 46 include:

  • Karina Rodriguez def. Daiana Torquato via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 49-46) – for flyweight title

  • Denise Gomes def. Milana Dudieva via TKO (punches) – Round 3, 1:56

  • Liz Tracy def. Danielle Taylor via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

  • Kristina Williams def. Flore Hani via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

  • Monique Adriane def. Paulina Granados via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)


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