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Is David "Rey" Picasso a CHEATER?

David "Rey" Picasso tried to use these gloves with very little cushion to fight Colombia's Yeison Vargas this past weekend. Thank god Vargas's mánager detectes something wrong with the brand new Cleto Reyes gloves that were already inspected by the local boxing comission, Vargas's team refused to fight with Picasso with those gloves on. The fight took place with Picasso winning by KO, just imagine if Picasso would of used the gloves with little cushion, maybe a tragedy may have happend. Thank god Vargas's mánager caught it on time. To be honest those so-called fight gloves look like mittens for cooking with your oven hahaha. Anyways thats why we have tragedies in boxing, its already dangerous with 15-18 boxers dying every year. I think Picasso and his team should be suspendend and under close observation when he fights again. I can just imagine the times he was allowed to use those cushion-less gloves. How many fights has he won because of it?


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