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Is Francis Ngannou Moving To PFL?

The UFC heavyweight champ, Francis Ngannou has started a new wave of uncertainty regarding his future as he hints at a move away from the promotion.

Francis, 36, is undoubtedly one of the scariest men to face in the octagon. The Cameroonian won the championship back in 2021 where he thudded Stipe Miocic to get his hands on the gold for the first time in his career.

Ngannou has defended the strap only once in the octagon which came against his former sparring partner Ciryl Gane at UFC 270. Ever since, there have been numerous speculations made regarding Ngannou’s future in the company.

The Predator has been involved in a rift with the UFC president Dana White regarding his contract, with the heavyweight giant demanding a rise in the toll for his services in the octagon.

Ngannou even worked for a cross-boxing match with the WBC champ, Tyson Furry but that idea didn’t unfold, unfortunately. But it seems like he might have a luxurious deal on his hand this time around as he posted a picture with his family, giving an inconspicuous message to the MMA family.

In December 2022, it was notified that the Predator has entered the free market agency as he and the UFC have yet to reach any agreement. Ngannou himself proclaimed that his “second chapter” was about to begin.

His fresh social media post gives a clue to it where this thing is heading. He was seen dining with the family members. Among the seated, one of the particulates was seen wearing a PFL t-shirt which left fans wondering whether Ngannou is actually making a move to the Professional Fighters league.

It’s not clear at the moment why Ngannou specifically posted this picture but it has made his fans' heads scratch what lies ahead for the Predator. Only time will tell whether Ngannou stays at UFC or joins a new venture.


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