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WBO Featherweight Champ Emanuel "Vaquero" Navarrete is set to fight next weekend. Its been a while since we've seen him fight a dangerous opponent. He has been world champion for 3 years and in that time maybe Dogboe and Diaz were the dangerous fights but it was a while ago. I cant think of another dangerous opponent he's had since. I think he is too comfortable and making title defences against fighters that dont challenge him much. Why hasnt he tried to unify against another featherweight champ. Now I know him being Top Rank and the other 3 champs being different promotion companies the unification fights are a little harder to negociate and do, but its possible. Now imagine a fight between Navarrete(WBO)v.s Vargas(WBC) or even better a fight between Navarrete(WBO)v.s Santa Cruz(WBA). I would love to see him v.s Leo Santa Cruz, just imagine those two in a scrap! It would be epic. These champs need to get out of that comfort zone and try to be great.


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